More Than One Inventor

"Photography is a disreputable child because it has many fathers" - so it was said by a contemporarian and he was right with it. There are several inventors and each of them contributed important pieces of the whole. Additionally there are several others who brought also im-portant parts of knowledge, some of them are known, others not. Noted is i.e. Johann Heinreich Schulze who discoverd the lightsensivity of silver-salts, Hagemann who found the lightsensivity of resins and Sir John Herschel, who made the very important discovery of so-dium thiosulfate as the - until today - used fixing-bath. None of them had photography in mind. At all: the invention of photography was the first contrivance where discoveries from different disciplines came together to form a complete new technique. Also it may be right that the time was ripe for photography there are at least four men who found individual ways to success:

          Hippolyte Bayard

          Louis Jacqes Mandé Daguerre 

          Nicephore Nièpce

         William Henry Fox Talbot

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