History of Photography

     Here you'll find some information about the history of photography, it's inventors,         manuals for analog cameras, a big camera-register and some literature. Take your                                     time, maybe a cup of tea and enjoy reading about

   - an short overview to photo-history, also to

            - portrait-photography 

            - camera-history

   - the inventors of photography

            - Bayard

            - Daguerre

            - Ni├Ępce

            - Talbot

   - some books as pdf

   - some short articles

                             In addition as a special service for you there is available

                                 - a list of more than 3.000 manuals

                                 - a camera-register of more than 80.000 cameras

                                 - and an index to 70 years of Agfa-Photoblaetter


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